Yantai Donghai Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. successfully passed the verification of ESG social responsibility report

Recently, Yantai Donghai Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. successfully passed the ESG social responsibility report verification of Bureau Veritas Certification Co., Ltd. and obtained a third-party verification compliance statement.

The report comprehensively demonstrated the company's practice and achievements in the fields of environment, social responsibility and corporate governance during the operation and development, and demonstrated a sense of society responsibility of Yantai Donghai Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. fully recognized by the society and customers, in which it is guided by green and low carbon, adheres to the bottom line of safe production, and serves customers with a new pattern.

ESG Social Responsibility Report of Yantai Donghai Aluminum Foil is in accordance with ISO 26000, United Nations Business and Human Rights Guiding Principles and GRI "Sustainable Development Reporting Instructions" and other standards, and provides comprehensive information on corporate governance, environmental protection, labor practices and human rights, occupational health and safety, community participation and other standards. The report on development and other related issues fully reflects the concept, strategy and method of Yantai Donghai Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. in fulfilling its social responsibility, and the impact of its business activities in the dimensions of economy, society and environment, and uses it as a communication method for disclosure to stakeholders on a regular basis.

At present, more and more customers are paying attention to and attaching importance to the sustainable development of enterprises and the fulfillment of social responsibility. Regarding the successful verification of this report, on the one hand, the requirements of customers are met; and on the other hand, the management of environmental and social risks is strengthened, the improvement of the company's sustainable development ability is promoted, a responsible corporate brand image is established, the company's reputation and market competitiveness in fulfilling social responsibilities is improved, and customers are enabled to create positive feelings for the product, and a solid foundation is laid for the company to develop a wider range of market under compliance conditions.

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