Tanjung Pinang Customs Director Tri Hartana and his delegation visited PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia for investigation

Recently, Tanjung Pinang Customs Commissioner Tri Hartana and his delegation visited PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia to investigate matters related to strengthening customs business exchanges and promoting the high-quality development of the park.

On behalf of the company, General Manager Hao Weisong extended a warm welcome to the visit of Tri Hartana, director of Tanjung Pinang Customs, and expressed his gratitude to officers of Tanjung Pinang Customs for their long-term care and support.

Hao Weisong said that since the project started construction in 2018, the company has made steady progress with the support of Tanjung Pinang Customs. In the next step, the company will further expand its business scope, optimize the industrial structure, attract investment in the park, introduce new energy, modern logistics, and modern manufacturing, etc., to provide more local employment opportunities and create greater social value. At the same time, it is hoped that Tanjung Pinang Customs will provide valuable opinions and suggestions on the company's port business, to ensure that the company's work is carried out in compliance with laws and regulations.

Zhang Guodeng, director of the company, congratulated Tri Hartana on taking up the post of Director of Tanjung Pinang Customs. Zhang Guodeng said: The company will seriously manage and operate in the Karang Batang Special Economic Zone, build an environmentally friendly, efficient and clean industrial park, and create a benchmark project and a model park in Indonesia.

Tri Hartana expressed his gratitude to the company for its warm reception. After listening to the company's introduction about production operations and project planning, he visited the port and survey the project construction status of each branch factory on the spot, and had a comprehensive understanding of the company's port operations. After dealing with related business, Tri Hartana said that PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia, as an enterprise that benefits the country and the people, has been highly recognized by the Indonesian government at all levels. Tanjung Pinang Customs will continue to deepen the communication and docking with the park, coordinate and solve the problems faced by the company's development, and provide more targeted policy support based on the needs of enterprises, further shorten the customs clearance time, and create a good business environment for the company, and jointly promote the economic and social development of Tanjung Pinang.

A total of 6 people including Tanjung Pinang Customs Director Tri Hartana participated in the investigation, accompanied by the company's director Zhang Guodeng, general manager Hao Weisong, and general manager assistant Xu Zhiyang.

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