Good news came! Two Nanshan Entrepreneurs Won Commendation by Yantai City

On the morning of May 5, the Yantai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held the city's 2021 work summary and outstanding entrepreneurs commendation conference to summarize the city's work in 2021, and solemnly commend outstanding entrepreneurs and advanced units and individuals for work in 2021. Lv Zhengfeng, chairman and general manager of Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., was awarded the "2021 Yantai Meritorious Entrepreneur", and Li Hongbo, chairman of Hengtong Logistics Co., Ltd., was awarded the "2021 Yantai Outstanding Entrepreneur".

The fourth from the right is Lv Zhengfeng, Chairman and General Manager of Nanshan Aluminum

The second from the left is Li Hongbo, chairman of Hengtong Co., Ltd.

The acquisition of honors is not only an evaluation and recognition of an individual's comprehensive ability, but also an affirmation of the enterprise's talent training and economic development. Thousand-year foundation, talent-oriented. Looking at Nanshan today, the appearance of the parks is changing with each passing day, various industries are developing vigorously, and residents and employees live and work in peace and contentment. These achievements have benefited from the CPC's reform and opening-up policy, the care and support of party committees and governments at all levels, and the solidarity and hard work of all Nanshan people.

For a long time, Nanshan Holdings has attached great importance to the construction of the talent team, established a systematic and perfect talent training mechanism, and strived to build a management team that meets the company's development requirements, with excellent morals, professional, united and cooperative, capable and efficient merits. At the same time, it pays attention to the publicity and implementation of corporate culture, including the corporate spirit of "loyalty, responsibility, diligence, and dedication", or the development concept of "do nothing, or do the best", the value concept of Nanshan corporate culture has been deeply rooted in the heart of every Nanshan people. Adhering to the guidance of the word-group policy of "integration, optimization, innovation, breakthrough and development", the leading cadres of Nanshan enterprises represented by Lv Zhengfeng and Li Hongbo are leading the majority of employees to work hard and contribute to the economic development of the enterprises with the practical confidence of taking responsibility with good deeds.

The convening of the city's Commendation Conference of "Outstanding Entrepreneurs" will further inspire Nanshan people to take responsibility and work hard. We will take the honor titles as a starting point to further promote the entrepreneurial spirit, stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises, and use the power of examples to inspire more leading cadres in Nanshan to concentrate and boost their spirits. The high-quality development of enterprises will make greater contributions to local economic development.

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