Nanshan Aluminum was elected as the vice president unit of China Association of Public Companies

On April 9,the third member congress of China Association of Public Companies was held in Beijing.The congress voted and approved matters such as the Work Report of the Second Board of Directors and the Financial Report of the Second Board of Directors,and elected the third Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors.Among them,Nanshan Aluminum was elected as the vice president unit,and Liu Chunlei,the company’s director and executive vice general manager,served as the member vice president.

Since its listing,Nanshan Aluminum has always attached great importance to the operation and management of the enterprise,continuously improved the enterprise management system,improved the quality of information disclosure,steadily carried out its main business,improved its innovation ability and anti-risk ability,and encouraged diversified long-term investors to join through a positive incentive mechanism.

Focusing on the strategy of“innovation-driven,high-end manufacturing,and intensive processing”,the company continues to build a world-class high-end aluminum processing enterprise.While giving full play to the advantages of the integration of the whole industry chain,it will continue to transform towards high-end products,focusing on the development of high value-added products represented by automotive sheets(ABS),and focusing on consolidating the leading position of domestic automotive sheets.At present,the strategy has achieved remarkable results.

In 2021,the company’s annual operating income was 28.725 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 28.82%.The net profit attributable to the parent company was 3.411 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 66.43%;earnings per share were 0.29 yuan per share,a year-on-year increase of 70.59%,and the performance maintained a good momentum of steady growth.At the same time,the company is also driven by innovation,continuously consolidating and releasing the company’s“first-mover advantage”in the field of high-end aluminum processing,broadening and deepening the“moat”of the enterprise,truly leading the future,and striving to create greater returns for shareholders.

At the congress,Chairman Yi Huiman of China Association for Public Companies pointed out that public companies should follow the characteristics and development laws of public companies,adhere to the“four awe”principles and the basic requirements of“four bottom lines”,and focus on improving the“five capabilities”and exploring high-quality development path:firstly,grasping the foundation and consolidating governance capabilities;secondly,strengthening the main business and enhancing competitiveness;thirdly,fostering long-term development and improving innovation capabilities;fourthly,increasing resilience and improving anti-risk capabilities;fifthly,focusing on benefits and improving ability to return.

He said that the Association of Public Companies will take this member congress as a new starting point,strive to optimize service methods,actively reflect the demands of members,and effectively become a bridge of communication between public companies and regulatory authorities,a major position for self-discipline management of public companies,a communication platform for mutual learning,and an important window publicizing the effectiveness of high-quality development,and promote the formation of a vivid situation of high-quality development of public companies.

As the vice president unit of the association,Nanshan Aluminum will strengthen cooperation with other member units,seize the opportunities of the times,give full play to their respective strengths,integrate resources,complement each other’s advantages,work together to enhance the core competitiveness and competitive advantages of A-share public companies,and strive to build a standardized,transparent,open,dynamic and resilient capital market.
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