Chairman Song Jianbo met with Ellang Gahartato, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs and Luhut, Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs of Indonesia

Recently,Song Jianbo,Chairman of the Group,met with Airlangga Hartarto,Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of Indonesia,Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan,Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs of Indonesia in Jakarta.The two sides had in-depth exchanges on strengthening Nanshan Group’s investment cooperation in Indonesia and jointly building the Galang Batang Special Economic Zone.Liu Qinghua,vice president of Nanshan Singapore Pty,Ltd.,Zhang Guodeng,director of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia,Jia Zhenjiang,project director,Hao Weisong,general manager,Xu Zhiyang,general manager assistant of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia and other people attended the meeting.

Chairman Song jianbo expressed his heartfelt thanks to Airlangga Hartarto,Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs,Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan,Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs for their warm reception,also introduced in detail the development of Nanshan Group,the future development plan of Galang Batang Special Economic Zone and the construction and operation of Bintan Alumina project in Indonesia.

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Chairman Song Jianbo said the Indonesian government has provided important policy support for the development of Nanshan Group in the local area,and there is a deep and close cooperation foundation and broad and long-term development vision between the two sides.The first phase of Bintan Alumina project in Indonesia has reached design capacity,and the second phase of the project is under full construction,Nanshan group is willing to actively participate in the process of industrialization in Indonesia.We will increase investment and cooperation in Indonesia,promote the implementation of the strategic layout of the industrial system to extend,complement,expand and strengthen the chain in the special economic zone,conscientiously manage the Galang Batang Special Economic Zone,and build an environmentally friendly,efficient and clean industrial park.We hope that the Indonesian government will continue to give support and help for jointly building a model park of close cooperation among Indonesia,China and Singapore.

Left:Zhang Guodeng Center:Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs Right:Chairman Song Jianbo

Minister Ellang Gahartato and Minister Luhut extended welcome to Chairman Song Jianbo and his delegation,recognized and praised the Bintan Alumina project,environment building and future development plan of the park.Nanshan Group is an important partner of Indonesia with strong capability,long-term vision and diversified industries.We welcome Nanshan Group to continue to increase investment in Indonesia,which will drive employment,increase tax revenue and promote economic prosperity.In particular,during his visit to the Bintan Alumina Industrial Park in Indonesia,Mr.President of our country put forward important instructions on the development of special economic zones.The two sides must implement these instructions to provide more jobs for local people and make positive contributions to local economic and social development.The Indonesian government will fully support the development of Galang Batang Special Economic Zone and Nanshan Group’s continued investment in Indonesia.

The meeting affirmed the friendship and achievements of cooperation and development between Nanshan Group and Indonesia,drew a blueprint and made a clear direction for the long-term development in the future.It is believed that the cooperation and friendship between the two sides will reach a new level,write a new journey and bear new fruits.

At last,on behalf of the company,Chairman Song Jianbo presented souvenirs to Airlangga Hartarto,Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs,and Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan,Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs,and took a group photo.

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