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Chairman Song Jianbo met with Ansar Ahmed, Governor of Riau Islands Province

Chairman Song Jianbo and his delegation recently met with Ansar Ahmad,Governor of Riau Islands province at the VIP building of Bintan Airport.The two sides exchanged views on further deepening practical cooperation and jointly promoting high-quality development of local economy.Roby Kurniawan,Mayor of Bintan County,Liu Qinghua,Vice President of Nanshan Singapore Pty,Ltd.,Zhang Guodeng,Director of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia,Jia Zhenjiang,Project Director of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia,and Hao Weisong,General Manager of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia attended the meeting.

Chairman Song Jianbo expressed thanks for the warm reception of Ansar Ahmed,Governor of Riau Islands Province,and introduced in detail the whole situation of Nanshan Group and the relevant park planning,production management and project construction.At the same time,on behalf of the company,he also expressed thanks for the support and assistance from provincial government of Riau Islands which is always as the same.

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Chairman Song Jianbo said that PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia adhere to the principle of high starting point and high standard,adopt advanced production technology and environmental protection emission standards better than the same industry,pursue the road of high quality and sustainable development.During the development of the company,we adhere to the principle of integrating into the local area and contributing to the society,strictly abide by local laws,regulations and customs,and strive to build the park into a benchmark of cooperation between China and Indonesia,so as to better promote the development of local economy.

Ansar Ahmad,Governor of Riau Islands province,welcomed the visit of Chairman Song Jianbo and his delegation.On behalf of the provincial government,he thanked Nanshan Group for its great contribution in the Galang Batang Special Economic Zone,affirmed the company’s efforts in actively assuming social responsibilities,employing local employees,expanding employment rate,increasing per capita income and being enthusiastic about public welfare,and praised the company for sticking to the path of green,efficient and sustainable development.Nanshan Group is a responsible enterprise,and its development achievements in just a few years are even more admirable.Meanwhile,Nanshan have maintained a good communication and cooperation relationship with the Indonesian government,and we welcome Nanshan Group's investment in Indonesia very much.

This talk has enhanced the profound friendship between the Chinese and Indonesian people and deepened the confidence of both sides in the future cooperative relations.Both sides agree to combine Indonesia’s rich natural resources with Nanshan’s strong advantages in science and technology,human resources and capital to jointly drive the development of the local industrial chain.The Riau Islands Provincial government will also provide more opportunities,policy support and assistance for Nanhan group’s development in the local area,so as to reinforce the company to go more steadily,farther and stronger.

Finally,the two sides gave each other souvenirs and took a group photo.

Left:Chairman Song Jianbo Right:Governor of Riau Islands Province

Left:Mayor of Bintan County Right:Chairman Song Jianbo
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