Nanshan Forging successfully completed the first-piece certification batch of Baker Hughes turbine disk forgings
Recently,Nanshan Forging Company successfully completed the delivery of certified batch of turbine disk forgings for Baker Hughes Nova LT16 model gas turbine.The successful delivery of this product marks Nanshan Forging becoming the first Baker Hughes die forging disk supplier in China,laying a solid foundation for Nanshan Forging to further expand into the global gas turbine market and gain an advantageous position in the highly competitive market.

Baker Hughes is a large oilfield technology service company in the United States that provides products and services to the global petroleum development and processing industries.The turbine disk of LT16 gas turbine certified by the two parties is for a dual-shaft ground gas turbine used for power generation and drive.The successful development of the turbine disk has laid a solid foundation for the two sides to carry out deeper pragmatic cooperation.

According to the introduction,since the date of signing the contract,the forging company has completed dozens of procedures such as raw material procurement,process design,customer on-site production tracking,quality inspection,and customer audit in just one year.Baker Hughes showed the high recognition to the fast response from Nanshan Forging.

The successful trial production of Baker Hughes products marks a new step for the forging company in the field of gas turbine research and development.In the next step,the forging company will continue to increase the research and development of new products,pay attention to customer needs,take providing better products and services as its own responsibility,and contribute a small force to the development of all mankind.
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