Nanshan Forging successfully completed Safran DVI document signing and first piece certification

Recently,Nanshan Forging Co.,Ltd.successfully completed the signing of the DVI(Industrial Validation Document)document and the first piece certification of the aircraft side strut landing gear forgings.This marks that Nanshan Forging has become the first company in China to enter the list of qualified suppliers of Safran side strut landing gear forgings.The successful development of this product has enabled Nanshan Forging to enter the global aviation forging market more deeply,and has taken a solid step in the fiercely competitive international market.

It is understood that all the processes of certification and production of Safran side struts,from raw materials,billets,extrusions,to finished forgings,are completed in the Nanshan Aluminum Industrial Chain under Nanshan Group.Relying on the aluminum industrial chain,Nanshan Forging quickly completed the collection of certified materials for various processes,laying a good foundation for the successful first-piece certification of the forgings.

According to the person in charge of the project,the aircraft landing gear,as a product with the same life as the aircraft,does not need to replace in the lifetime.Therefore,the aircraft side strut forgings have high requirements for comprehensive performance.In the production process,in addition to meeting the strength requirements of the forgings,it is also necessary to ensure the forgings have good corrosion resistance,fatigue resistance and fracture toughness etc.

The successful trial production of Safran’s landing gear side strut forgings marks a new step for the forging company in the research and development of aerospace products and high-quality forgings.In the next step,the forging company will continue to increase the research and development of new products,further expand the domestic and foreign forging markets,continue to enhance the brand value and market influence,and contribute a meager force to the development of China’s aerospace industry.
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