The President of Indonesia visited Nanshan PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia to guide the work

Recently,Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his delegation came to PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia for inspection.Zhang Guodeng,director of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia,reported to the President on the planning,production and operation of the park,and project construction at the port sand table.President Joko Widodo presided over the event of dispatching the company’s alumina vessels,and the President pressed the dispatching instruction button.The vessels carrying 21,000 tons of alumina slowly left the port.Afterwards,President Joko Widodo signed on the aluminum plaque produced by Nanshan Aluminum,and exchanged cordially with the employee representatives and took a group photo.

The event was attended by Airlangga Hartarto,Minister of Economy Coordinating of Indonesia,Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan,Minister of Maritime Affairs Coordinating of Indonesia,Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita,Minister of Industry of Indonesia,Muhammad Lutfi,Minister of Trade of Indonesia,Pramono Anung,Cabinet Secretary-General,and Ansar Ahmad,Riau Governor,as well as the representatives of government officials at all levels,representatives from all walks of life and villagers,along with Jia Zhenjiang,Indonesian project director of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia,Lin Jiqiang,deputy general manager,and Xu Zhiyang,assistant to the general manager,a total of more than 200 people participated in the event.

On behalf of the company,Zhang Guodeng,the director of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia,extended a warm welcome to the visit of the president and his delegation,and thanked the Indonesian government for its constant care and support to the company.President Joko Widodo fully affirmed the company’s adherence to the sustainable development path of“high technology content,good economic benefits,low resource consumption,and low environmental pollution”,and gave high praise to the company’s approach to solving local employment,cultivating localized talents,and actively fulfilling social responsibilities.President Joko Widodo said that the Indonesian Bintan Alumina Project is a pillar industry of the Galang Batang Special Economic Zone,a demonstration project to promote Indonesia’s economic development,and a preferred way to promote Indonesia’s social progress and improve the quality of life of local residents.The President hopes the local government to fully support the development of the park to ensure that the company can play a better role as a model in the Galang Batang Special Economic Zone.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo delivered an important speech at the port.350 years ago,Indonesia was invaded by other countries and has been exporting raw materials,which has continued to this day,causing damage to national interests.If bauxite is processed into alumina,the added value of its products will increase by 16 times.Therefore,Indonesia must change its thinking,stop the export of raw materials,and attract more brave companies like PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia to invest in Indonesia.After less than 5 years of development,the scale of the park’s construction and the speed of change are surprising.It is precisely because Indonesia has such excellent enterprises that the domestic industry and downstream related industry chains can grow rapidly,the country’s tax revenue is increasing,and the employment rate continues rising.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo

At the event,Indonesian Economic Coordinating Minister Airlangga Hartarto made a detailed report on the company’s production and operation,and said that he would unswervingly support Nanshan’s investment in Galang Batang Special Economic Zone in accordance with the instructions of President Joko Widodo so as to create a good atmosphere for the company’s development in the local area,help solve local employment,and promote the development of related industrial chains.

Airlangga Hartarto,Minister of Economic Affairs Coordinating Ministry

Ansar Ahmad,Governor of Riau Islands Province,made a report on the government’s economic work,saying that he would continue to deepen the cooperation with Nanshan,and go hand in hand to jointly promote the development of the local economy and benefit the people.

Ansar Ahmad,Governor of Riau Islands Province

PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia is an overseas investment project of Nanshan Aluminum to implement the“Belt and Road”initiative.It is listed as a key project in the Galang Batang Special Economic Zone in Indonesia,and is a landmark project of pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.The full-scale construction and commissioning of the project has effectively promoted the development of related industries in Indonesia,labor employment and economic development,and deepened the mutual understanding and traditional friendship between the people in two countries.President Joko Widodo’s visit not only reflects the great importance attached to the“Belt and Road”project,but also affirms and encourages the construction and development of PT Bintan Alumina Indonesia.The company will adhere to the coordinated development of economic development and ecological protection,and continue to be a better and stronger enterprise,make greater contributions to local economic and social development!

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