The Commencement Ceremony of Nanshan’s Grade-Unchanged Comprehensive Utilization Project of High-Quality Recycled Aluminum Was Held Smoothly

On the morning of January 16, as one of Yantai key projects located at Longkou, the commencement ceremony of Nanshan’s  “Grade-Unchanged Comprehensive Utilization Project of High-Quality Recycled Aluminum” was held at the project site in the Donghai Aviation Material Industrial Park. Relevant leaders of Longkou Municipal government, Song Changming, executive director of Nanshan Holdings, Lv Zhengfeng, chairman and general manager of Nanshan Aluminum and employee representatives attended the activity.

In the ceremony speech, Lv Zhengfeng, chairman and general manager of Nanshan Aluminum introduced the general situation, process flow and development prospect, and other conditions of the “Grade-Unchanged Comprehensive Utilization Project of High-Quality Recycled Aluminum”, and said that, in future, Nashan Auminum will, as always, actively respond to calls of the country and the government, pull together, and do the solid work, so as to complete the project construction with quality and efficient practical action, with good quality and sufficient quantity, to contribute to the development of Longkou City.

The “Grade-Unchanged Comprehensive Utilization Project of High-Quality Recycled Aluminum” is invested and constructed by Longkou Nanshan Recycled Resources Co., Ltd. It mainly builds a recycled aluminum workshop, a comprehensive warehouse and other auxiliary rooms etc. Based on the complete industrial chain of Nanshan Aluminum Co., LTD., the project’s new pre-treatment equipment, twin chamber melting furnace and other production and auxiliary production equipment will be used to produce the “Grade-Unchanged” aluminum alloy liquid with the aluminum scraps generated from aluminum processing and the UBCs collected from market, which fully embodies Nanshan’s green development concept in terms of resource conservation, energy conservation & emission reduction, and environmental protection. At the same time, we form a supporting system with the downstream enterprises through the way of direct aluminum liquid supply and achieve a grade-unchanged utilization through advanced recycled aluminum production process, In addition to the production of high-quality aluminum products, more importantly, we can achieve energy conservation & emission reduction and clean production, and reduce the overall cost of the industry chain, fully fill the gap in the field of aluminum recycling of Nanshan Aluminum.

As a green environmental protection industry, aluminum recycling industry has outstanding advantages in technical capability, raw material sources and sales, and has good construction prospects and social benefits. Its grade-changed recovery will be the direction of China’s aluminum recycling industry in the future and an important link to achieve sustainable development of China’s aluminum industry system. The construction of this project can promote product structure optimization, promote high-quality development, implement energy-saving and carbon reduction actions, accelerate green transformation, and play a demonstration & leading role in the transformation of China’s aluminum industry development model.

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