Yulong Island Refining & Chemical Integration Project Swearing Conference and “Hundred-Day Tackling” Action Kick-off Meeting Held

On the morning of November 28, the Yantai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held the Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project swearing conference and the “Hundred-Day Tackling” action kick-off meeting in Longkou City. Fu Mingxian, Deputy Governor and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, read out the “Hundred-Day Tackling Mobilization Order for Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project” and delivered a speech. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Municipal Government Zheng Deyan presided over the swearing conference, Shandong Energy Group Chairman Li Wei, and municipal leaders Yu Songbai, Zhu Xiuxiang, Zhang Dailing, and Li Bo attended relevant activities. Song Jianbo, Chairman of Nanshan Group and Chairman of Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd., made a statement speech at the swearing conference.

Fu Mingxian pointed out that the implementation of the Yulong Island refining and chemical integration project is a major historical opportunity for Yantai to accelerate its transformation and development. While studying and implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee in the whole city, the municipal party committee and the municipal government decided to launch the “Hundred-Day Tackling” action of Yulong Island refining and chemical integration project from now on. Relevant districts, cities, and departments should transform the enthusiasm inspired by the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee into practical actions for tackling and breakthroughs, and push the project construction to achieve quick results and achieve great results with the tackling spirit, at the tackling attitude, and in the tackling rhythm.

Fu Mingxian emphasized that it is necessary to insist on the established target, and to move forward quickly, and implement the provincial party committee and the provincial government’s “six one” development ideas and “six more attention” strategies & methods throughout the entire process of the project, while focusing on the implementation of the province’s key tasks named “twelve focuses”, the city’s “1+233” work system, breaking down the established tasks into weekly and daily tasks, pushing the progress with the goal action-forcing, pushing the procedure with time action-forcing, so as to try to reach the project acceleration, and resolutely realize “Act as whatever said, decide and do it, and finish on schedule.” Even bearing down on one with the weight of Mount Taishan, one should not bend over, but break through barriers and overcome difficulties, keep a close eye on the difficulties and blockages that restrict project construction, and fight through the obstacles with the courage to “break”, the awareness of “grabbing”, the spirit of “struggling”, and the braveness of “fighting” to win the battle to annihilate problems; effectively enhance bottom-line thinking, strictly guard against risks in various fields such as production safety, epidemic prevention and control, and ecological and environmental protection, and make every effort to create safety engineering, green engineering, and model engineering. It is necessary to raise the benchmark to create a first-class performance, scrupulously carry out its duties, and vigorously promote the “strict, true, meticulous, pragmatic, and fast” work style, and achieve the highest standards and the highest level for speed, efficiency, quality, level, safety and management competitions, for first-class planning and positioning, first-class construction quality, first-class technical products, first-class advancement speed, and first-class supports. Leading cadres must be good construction team leaders and commando team leaders. The majority of cadres and employees must devote all their thoughts and energy to grasping the project and promoting development, concentrating and working together to play the strongest voice of victory, and resolutely winning the tough battle of Yulong Island refining and chemical integration project construction, and welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress with excellent results.

At the kick-off meeting of the “Hundred-Day Tackling” of the Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project, Fu Mingxian emphasized that we must have a deep understanding of the special status of the project in the overall development of the whole province and the whole city, and give full play to the main body role of the enterprise, the leading role of leaders, and the synergy role of all parties. Do everything possible to break the bottleneck constraints, strictly fulfill the assessment for rewards and punishments, with the determination and confidence to break the boat and fight back, work hard and work quickly, and hand over a persuasive and inspiring satisfactory answer sheet to the organization and the masses.

The main responsible comrades of Shandong Energy Group, Yulong Petrochemical Company, Yulong Petrochemical Industrial Park Management Committee, and Longkou Municipal Party Committee respectively spoke at the swearing meeting, and the relevant responsible units signed the “Hundred-Day Tackling” responsibility letters.

Song Jianbo, Chairman of Nanshan Group and Chairman of Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd., made a statement at the swearing conference. He said: As the main body of project implementation, Nanshan will resolutely implement the spirit of important instructions made during the inspection of Yulong Petrochemical Project by Secretary Li Ganjie, Governor Zhou Naixiang and other leaders; earnestly implement a series of decisions and deployments of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, the Yantai municipal party committee, and the municipal government, actively fulfill the responsibilities as the major shareholder, and build consensus and enhance confidence with shareholders such as Shandong Energy Group, Hualu Group, and Wanhua Industry, etc. , building consensus, forming a joint force, strictly abide by the “Red Line of Safety Production” and “Bottom Line of Ecological Environment Protection”, adhere to “Quality First, Benefit Priority, Standardized Management”, to ensure the successful completion of various objectives and tasks, to build Yulong Petrochemical Project into a “Excellent Project, Demonstration Project, and Benchmark Project”, and to live up to the confidence and trust of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, Yantai City, and Longkou City, as well as all shareholders and partners.

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