PT. Bintan Alumina Indonesia (PT. BAI) donated oxygen generators to assist Indonesia’s medical undertakings and anti-epidemic fighting

A few days ago, PT. Nanshan BAI’s donated materials to aid the Indonesian government’s medical undertakings and anti-epidemic fighting were handed over in the Riau Islands Provincial Government Hall. Ansar Ahmad, Governor of Indonesia’s Riau Islands Province, attended and presided over the donation ceremony. Relevant leaders of the alumina company donated 100 medical oxygen generators on behalf of the company. Leaders of the Health Bureau, directors of major hospitals and relevant personnel of the epidemic prevention working group of Indonesia’s Riau Islands Province participated in the donation ceremony.

Zhang Guodeng, one of the Company’s directors said: The donation is to support the Indonesian government’s medical undertakings and help fight the new crown epidemic. PT. BAI is concerned about the development of Indonesia’s medical undertakings, especially at the current stage when the new crown epidemic is still raging, the Company actively mobilizes all resources, brings together the efforts, strengthens cooperation with the government, and jointly fights the new crown epidemic. PT.BAI will continue to support the Indonesian government’s work, do a good job in epidemic prevention & control and safe production, and make positive contributions to safeguarding people’s health and promoting economic development. At the same time, the friendly relations between China and Indonesia are also increasing in this the “battle” of fighting epidemic. 

Ansar Ahmad, Governor of Riau Islands Province, said: I am very grateful to PT.BAI for its assistance and support to our government. This donation is of far-reaching significance. The donated oxygen generator equipment will be distributed to the major hospitals on the Bintan Island as soon as possible, which will greatly alleviate our problems such as the lack of medical supplies in our hospitals. On behalf of the Riau Islands provincial government, I would like to thank PT.BAI once again for assisting the government in fighting the epidemic, including organizing free vaccinations for all employees. The assistance and support of PT.BAI has increased our confidence and strength in defeating the epidemic. We sincerely say “thanks” for your great love. 


The fighting against new crown epidemic is a “war” without gunpowder smoke, and it is also a “battle against epidemic” that cannot fail. From the emergence of the epidemic to the present, Indonesia may face a severe threat of the third wave of epidemics. Both enterprises and government, both China and Indonesia, work together to overcome the difficulties and advance hand in hand, resolutely win the battle against the epidemic, jointly promote economic and social development, and continuously enhance the strategic partnership between the two countries and the profound friendship between the two countries’ peoples.

It is reported that the 100 medical oxygen generators donated this time are worth more than 1.5 million RMB yuan. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, PT. VAI has continuously strengthened its corporate responsibility and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, with several donation activities of protective clothing, medical masks and other epidemic prevention materials to the Riau Islands Provincial Government, Bintan County Government and other departments.

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