The press conference of Nanshan Fashion Cup ? China Formal Wear Design Competition was held in Beijing

On August 26, the press conference of Nanshan Fashion Cup ? China Formal Wear Design Competition with the theme of “Intelligent Viewing, Linking Fashion” was officially launched in Beijing. This competition is co-sponsored by Shandong Nanshan Zhishang Sci-Tech. Co., Ltd. and China Fashion Designers Association. The competition takes creative design as the starting point and Nanshan Zhishang fabrics as the carrier, bringing together "famous schools", "famous teachers", "famous artists", "famous enterprises", committed to jointly promoting the rise of new and cutting-edge global formalwear design forces and fostering the "future generation" in the field of formalwear design.

Sun Ruizhe, Chairman of International Textile Federation, Chairman of China Textile Industry Federation; Fu Guangwei, Chairman of China Textile Engineering Society; Liu Jiaqiang, Chairman of China Wool Textile Industry Association; Chen Xinwei, Chairman of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association; Zhou Yiqi, Vice Chairman of China Garment Association; Xie Fangming, full-time vice chairman of China Fashion Designers Association; Zhu Shaofang, full-time vice chairman of China Fashion Designers Association; Song Jianbo, chairman of Nanshan Group; Song Yinghao, vice chairman of Nanshan Group; Zhao Liang, chairman and general manager of Shandong Nanshan Zhishang Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.; Cheng Yingting, President of the Shanghai Campus of Instuto Marangoni; Xiao Wenling, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University; Wang Yongjin, Dean of the School of Fashion Art and Engineering of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology; Wang Lu, Dean of the Art School of China Women’s University; Cao Jianzhong of Art School of Beijing Union University; Wang Wenjuan of School of Art and Design of Beijing University of Technology; Ma Jie, General Manager of China Zone of International Wool Bureau, Executive Vice President of Greater China and New Asian Markets; Huang Yi, specially invited star judge of the design competition, and  other guests attended the press conference. The representatives of 40 media such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, China News Service, China Net, Beiqing Net, Global Net, China Business News, Consumer Daily and others, the representatives of university teachers and designers participated in this event.

Song Jianbo, Chairman of Nanshan Group, introduced that textile & apparel is one of Nanshan’s important main business sectors. In particular, Nanshan Zhishang successfully achieved the listing on the main board, providing a good development opportunity for the overall "scientific, standardized and modernized" operation and development of the textile and apparel sector. This time, Nanshan Zhishang and the China Fashion Designers Association co-hosted the China Formal Wear Design Competition, hoping to provide young designers in the field of Chinese fashion design with an important stage to "show their dreams and go international". A diversified bridge of cooperation and exchange has been built for the international development of Nanshan Fashion brand.

Subsequently, Sun Ruizhe, chairman of the China Textile Industry Federation, also pointed out that design is productivity, and the core value of the fashion industry is design. In the context of knowledge economy, design integrates technological innovation and cultural creativity, promotes industrial upgrading, leads consumption upgrades, and promotes value upgrades. Promoting common prosperity with high-quality development is the trend of the times. Grasping the new characteristics and trends of fashion design, improving the ability of original design, and continuously satisfying the people’s material and spiritual needs are not only the proper meaning of achieving common prosperity, but also the key to the industry’s realization of the transformations: from China’s manufacturing to China’s creating, from China’s speed to China’s quality, from China’s products to China’s brands. The cultivation of Chinese design power needs to be integrated with the industrial ecology to transform design into actual productivity; it needs to be adapted to market demand to transform design into actual consumption power; it needs to be consistent with the value of the times to transform design into cultural appeal. Formal wear is an important symbol of modern human civilization and the most representative clothing category in international social etiquette. This competition takes formal wear as the entry point, and provides a platform for exchanges, comparisons, and learning & encouraging for new design forces, new design methods, and new design concepts.

In addition to introducing the much-watched Nanshan Fashion Cup ? China Formal Wear Design Competition’s regulations, the press conference also held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between Nanshan Zhishang and the Shanghai campus of Instuto Marangoni. Based on the principle of "integration of production and education, with complementary advantages", the two parties will stimulate students’ creativity and design ability through school-enterprise cooperation, energize the formal wear design, and are committed to promoting the professionalization of the formal wear industry to be deeper, wider and more solid, and contribute to the blue ocean of high-quality formal design.

Underlining key points: disclosure of the statutes and interpretation of the key points

Nanshan Fashion Cup ? China Formal Wear Design Competition is planned to be held for ten consecutive years, once a year, to continue to build the IP of China Formal Wear Design Competition, and contribute to promoting the development of young Chinese fashion designers on the international stage.

The event has relied on the official website of the China Fashion Designers Association (http://www.fashion.org.cn) to collect works simultaneously with dozens of media platforms since early August. The deadline for submissions is November 21, 2021. The competition closely centered on the theme of "intellectual viewing, linking fashion", soliciting and screening three categories of men’s formal wear, women’s suits and formal dresses. The works must have the combined characteristics of practicality, commerciality and artistic, and have distinctive contemporary and cultural characteristics, conform to the TPO principle of formal wear, and show formal dress style.

The purpose of the competition is to widely mobilize the enthusiasm of various organizations such as clothing companies, design schools and design studios as well as fashion designers, technicians, professional teachers and students, etc., to build an exchange platform for exhibition, discussion, and development, and to encourage and nurture more design organizations and outstanding talents to devote themselves to the high-quality development of the formalwear industry. By creating original formalwear and dress designs, they will improve the creative skills of the new generation of designers in the future, stimulate the innovative vitality of formalwear design, and promote the leaping development of the formalwear design industry.

Striving-for-list contest, shortlisted works are expected to board China International Fashion Week

On the stage of the top help dream design, the Nanshan Fashion Cup ? China Formal Wear Design Competition will focus on the industry’s leading authoritative judges. The judges will uphold the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, and select the works layer by layer. The new generation of designers who have won the "tickets" to the finals will bring their works to China International Fashion Week for a showdown in March next year, and feel the bright moments of design.

This competition not only sets gold, silver and bronze awards with rich reward, but also offers cash prizes for excellence and finalists. In addition, Nanshan Zhishang will rely on its global vision and advantage as a listed company to maximize the effectiveness of resources to help design talents achieve innovation and incubation of design results. It will also cooperate with the Shanghai campus of the Italian Instuto Marangoni to provide overseas study opportunities and scholarships etc. for the winners. The organizing committee of the competition will organize the contestants to go deep into Nanshan Zhishang to conduct professional highlight gathering activities such as visiting and interfacing. By investigating the Intelligent Manufacturing operation mode of Nanshan Zhishang and understanding the high-quality performance of worsted fabrics, designers will be inspired to take off their creativity and finally they will be able to bring their dreams into reality.

Introduction of the sponsors

China Fashion Designers Association is a national social organization approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, established in 1993. The China Fashion Designers Association is a national, industry-based, non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by designers, professionals, well-known fashion brands, fashion media and model agencies in the clothing and fashion industry.

Nanshan Zhishang is a national high-tech enterprise, one of the few companies in the world that integrates the wool textile and garment industry chain. Its main business covers the research and development, design, production and sales of worsted woolen cloth and clothing products. The company’s comprehensive equipment capability ranks at the advanced level in the same industry, and it is a leading large-scale worsted compact spinning fabric and modern suit production base.

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