Nanshan Aluminum Forging Company officially delivered “DTC G50 Turbine Disk”

On the morning of July 20th, Nanshan Aluminum Forging Company delivered “G50 Turbine Disk” to Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd. (DTC). Lv zhengfeng, GM of Nanshan Aluminum; Zhao Shiquan, chief engineer of DTC Turbine G50 project, and relevant leaders of Nanshan Forging Company attended the delivery ceremony.  

It is reported that DTC G50 gas turbine is the first domestically developed heavy-duty gas turbine. The turbine disc delivered by Nanshan Forging Company this time is the core component of DTC G50 gas turbine. The “DTC G50 Turbine Disk” project is independently developed and produced by Nanshan Forging Company. In order to ensure that the products are delivered on time and the customer’s interests can be protected to maximum extent, all staff of the forging company has promoted the spirit of unity and mutual cooperation; meanwhile, the technology, quality inspection, logistics and other functional departments fully cooperated with the front-line, overcoming difficulties such as heavy production tasks and limited time, and doing everything possible to ensure product quality in the process of R&D, design and production, and finally the delivery task of the DTC G50 turbine disk project is successfully completed.

At the delivery ceremony, Chief Engineer Xie Zhuanye of Nanshan Forging stated that Nanshan Forging Company is committed to providing customers with perfect product solutions relying on first-class equipment and technical advantages, in market-oriented and customer-oriented mode. The success of the G50 turbine disc project not only strengthened Nanshan Forging’s confidence in deepening cooperation with DTC, but also accumulated rich experiences for the company to overcome greater technical difficulties in the future.

Zhao Shiquan, chief engineer of DTC Turbine G50 project, congratulated Nanshan Forging Company at the ceremony. He said that the turbine disc project is an important part of the complete manufacturing system for G50 gas turbines. The successful delivery of the project fully demonstrated the strong capabability of R&D and production of Nanshan Forging Company. By strong-giant alliance between the two parties, the core technical difficulties were overcome and the “neck” project was solved, prompting DTC G50 gas turbine manufacturing to take another big step forward. It is hoped that the two parties can further deepen cooperation in the future and achieve breakthroughs in core technologies through cooperation in more fields.

LV Zhengfeng, general manager of Nanshan Aluminum, said in his speech that the company has been adhering to the development strategy of “innovation-driven, high-end manufacturing, and intensive processing”. The delivery of the G50 gas turbine disc is another major gas turbine core component delivered by Nanshan Aluminum after AECC’s R110 gas turbine wheel disc. With this delivery, Nanshan has contributed to breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and market in cooperation with DTC. This is also a profound manifestation of Nanshan Aluminum’s response to the national call for gas turbine localization. It is hoped that Nanshan Aluminum and DTC will further deepen their cooperation in the future and contribute more to the development of domestic high-end manufacturing industry.

In the future, Nanshan Forging Company will always be committed to improving product quality, paying attention to customer needs, and providing better products and services as its own responsibility, and making due contributions to improving the overall level of the domestic high-end aluminum processing industry.

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