PT. Bintan Alumina Indonesia’s first ship of alumina was shipped smoothly

On July 2, Indonesia’s Minister of Economic Coordination, Airlanga Hartarto, and Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita attended via video link, and the Governor of Riau Islands, Ansar Ahmad, attended the scene in person, to jointly participate in the first-ship alumina delivery ceremony of PT. Bintan Alumina Indonesia (PT.BAI). Meanwhile, leaders Zhang Guodeng, Jia Zhenjiang, Hao Weisong and others of PT.BAI attended the ceremony.

The leaders of PT.BAI expressed their warm welcome and sincere thanks to the Governor of Riau Province and his delegation. They said that the alumina company is making every effort to promote the construction and operation of the project, and the smooth production of alumina powder means that the project construction and development have taken a solid step, and it will also forcefully promote the local economic and social development of Indonesia while promoting economic cooperation between China and Indonesia. It will continue to play an active role in promoting Indonesia’s economic construction.

The Governor of Riau Islands, Ansar Ahmad, said that the economy of Riau Islands has been overloaded due to the impact of the pandemic, and he is grateful to Bintan Alumina for promoting the economic growth rate of Riau Islands. PT.BAI has realized an investment of approximately IDR 14 trillion and it will continue to grow in the future; the project provides more job opportunities for local people, and the president and ministers are very happy. PT.BAI shipped alumina for the first time today. This is the beginning of success. The future development will be more outstanding, which will help promote the common development of both countries.

The Minister of Economic Coordination Airlanga Hartarto said in a speech that despite the severe pandemic situation, he still saw a big event worthy of congratulations, that is, PT.BAI successfully exported alumina for the first time. The Galang Batang Special Economic Zone is one of the fastest-growing special economic zones. Here is a special commendation for PT.BAI, and I am very grateful to PT.BAI for bringing more than 4,000 jobs to the local people. It is hoped that the construction of the second phase of the project will be completed as soon as possible, and the local government will continue to provide strong support for handling the procedures of permits.

After the speech, with the sound of a salute resounding across the sky, Governor Ansar Ahmad slowly walked to the launching platform and personally pressed the shipment launch signal. After that, the giant ship whistled, and the first ship of alumina was shipped, and the ship sailed successfully, marking a complete success of the first-ship alumina delivery ceremony of PT.BAI.

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