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Chairman Song Jianbo met with Luca Ferrari, the ambassador of Italy to China

On the afternoon of June 7, Song Jianbo, the Chairman of Nanshan Holdings, held talks in Shanghai with Luca Ferrari, the ambassador of Italy to China, and Michele CECCHI, the Italian Consulate General in Shanghai. Zhao Liang, Chairman of Nanshan Fashion, Liu Haibo, the assistant to chairman of Nanshan Holdings, and other leaders accompanied the activities.

During the talks, Chairman Song Jianbo introduced the overall situation and development history of Nanshan Holdings, as well as the achievements and future development plans of industrial sectors such as Nanshan Aluminum, Nanshan Fashion and Yulong Petrochemical, in particular introduced the establishment of Overseas Branch in Italy, along with the relevant situation of cooperation with Italy, expected that the Ambassador Luca Ferrari would act as a go-between for promoting cooperation in the fields of fabrics and clothing design, brand building, and downstream petrochemical product R&D, and also showed the expectation that the ambassador would visit Nanshan Headquarters.

When Ambassador Luca Ferrari communicated in the talks, he said Nanshan is a responsible great enterprise, and the existing achievement is admirable, thanking Nanshan to support and trust in Italian enterprises. For the proposal of Chairman Song Jianbo, Ambassador Luca Ferrari fully affirmed and recognized, and immediately made the arrangement, according to which the representatives of outstanding enterprises in the fields of clothing design college and brand operation etc. led by the person in charge of the Northern District of the Embassy of Italy to China would visit the Nanshan Headquarters soon to lay the foundation for the following cooperation between both parties.

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