Five product items of Nanshan Aluminum were awarded with the civil aircraft aluminum alloy engineering approval certificate of COMAC

On May 21, Ye Wei, Director of Science and Technology Management Department of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. (COMAC), and his entourage went to Nanshan Aluminum for investigation and issued a civil aircraft aluminum alloy engineering approval certificate to Nanshan Aluminum, encouraging and promoting Nanshan Aluminum to participate in civil aircraft aluminum material preparation and guarantee work as an outstanding private enterprise representative. Lv Zhengfeng, General Manager of Nanshan Aluminum and related persons in charge accompanied the activities.

Director Ye Wei and his entourage visited the 150MN extrusion production workshops, aluminum plate and strip production workshops, Hangxin laboratory and aluminum technology exhibition hall to fully understand the industrial layout of Nanshan Aluminum and provide relevant guidance. Afterwards, they also received and listened to the R&D capability reports of Nanshan aviation profiles and flat-rolled product, and participated in discussions and exchanges.

At the symposium, the delegation of COMAC positively commented Nanshan Aluminum’s advantages in aviation plate/sheet equipment configuration and R&D experience. It believed that Nanshan Aluminum has the R&D capabilities in key aluminum materials for civil aircraft; it encouraged Nanshan to enter the high-end market, proposed four guidelines “Giving full play to advantages, coordinating management, highlighting key points, and innovating boldly”, expected that Nanshan Aluminum would courageously tackle key problems and further strengthen its footprint and development in the aviation industry.

At the symposium, the issuance ceremony of civil aircraft aluminum alloy engineering approval certificate also took place. According to the product appraisal results of COMAC, five product items related to Nanshan Aluminum’s plates and profiles have been listed into the qualified product catalog of the C919 aircraft project. These five products can cover other models of COMAC for use. COMAC’s chief engineer of materials and technology handed over the engineering approval certificate to the relevant in-charge persons of Nanshan Aluminum.

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