The Investigating Group of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Visited Nanshan Aluminum for Investigation and Guidance

On May 26, Fan Shunke, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and President of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, accompanying by his entourage, visited Nanshan Aluminum Industry for Investigation and Guidance. Meanwhile, relevant industrial experts made the speeches with the special topics such as “Current Situation and Outlook of Development of Aluminum Processing Industry in China”, “Thinking on Future Development of Aluminum Industry in China” and “Report on Primary Aluminum and Alumina Market”, and provided constructive opinions and suggestions on promoting the future development of China’s aluminum industry and enterprises.

Deputy Secretary Fan Shun and his entourage visited the sectors of Nanshan Aluminum such as Donghai Power Plant, Alumina, Electrolysis Aluminum, Extruded Profiles, Flat-rolled Product Division, Forging Company, Testing Center, and Nanshan Aluminum Technology Brand Exhibition Hall. He made positive comment on the development results achieved by Nanshan Aluminum in industrial chain operations, technological innovation, and products applications. Meanwhile, Lv Zhengfeng, general manager of Nanshan Aluminum, focused on possible related situations in management, technical equipment, technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and made the corresponding reports. The current situation and problems, as well as future development plans of the company were also clarified.

During the symposium, the main leaders and related personnel in technology, sales and production, etc. of Nanshan Aluminum exchanged views with the visiting leaders and experts. Deputy Secretary Fan Shunke fully affirmed Nanshan Aluminum’s achievements in the development and production of can stock, automotive body sheets, and aviation materials, and expected that, in the future, Nanshan Aluminum would explore international markets, develop deep processing, and actively respond to international trade friction, create green factories and smart factories, and make a fruitful contribution in other aspects, and the corporate culture would be transferred, the practice spirit would be carried forward. At the same time, it is also hoped that Nanshan Aluminum can continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with the organizations of the Association, actively participate public welfare undertakings and important activities, and support the association’s various work.

As one of the leading companies in the aluminum processing industry, Nanshan Aluminum gives full play to the advantages of a complete industrial chain and follows the strategic development of “innovation-driven, high-end manufacturing, and intensive processing”. Its end products are widely used in fields such as aviation, automobile, rail transit, shipbuilding, and food packaging, with remarkable achievements in high-end aluminum product certification, research and production, and with positive contributions to improving the overall level of domestic aluminum processing.

Yang Yunbo, Deputy Secretary General and concurrently Director of Light Metals Department of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Zhang Jilin, Deputy President and concurrently Deputy Secretary General of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, and Meng Jie, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Aluminum Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association as well as relevant personnel of the units such as Antaike, Renewable Resource Branch, and Cipa etc. collectively participated in the investigation and exchange. The leadership such as Song Changming, the executive director of Nanshan Holdings Co., Ltd., and Lv Zhengfeng, the general manager of Nanshan Aluminum attended the activities for accompanying.

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