Nanshan Holdings was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in the Comprehensive Assessment of Longkou City Economic and Social Development”

On the morning of February 26,Longkou City held the 2020 work summary and 2021 work mobilization conference to review and summarize the implementation of work in 2020 and the whole“13th Five-Year Plan”period,and plan the layout of the main work tasks during the“14th Five-Year Plan”period.Work of Year 2021 is scheduled and deployed.Nanshan Holdings was awarded as“Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in the Comprehensive Assessment of Longkou City Economic and Social Development”.

Municipal Party Committee Secretary and Mayor Lv Bo attended the conference and delivered a speech.It was emphasized that the“14th Five-Year Plan”period is the key five years for Longkou City to strive for strength in an all-round way and to transform and leap forward.With“Taking the lead to basically build a modern and strong county city”as the goal and orientation,taking the“all-round leadership in all tasks”as the main attack direction,roll up sleeves and work hard,no need to raise the whip,and ensure the full realization of quantitative and qualitative indicators,take the lead to achieve,and work hard to create a northern model and Shandong leader for county-level high-quality development.

Hao Shenqiang,deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,presided over the conference and announced the“Bulletin on the Results of Comprehensive Assessment of Economic and Social Development in 2020”.Nanshan Holdings was awarded as an“Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in the Comprehensive Assessment of Longkou City’s Economic and Social Development”for its outstanding performance in local tax contributions and project investment contributions.The conference awarded prizes to advanced units in 2020.The conference emphasized that it is necessary to correctly grasp the dialectical relationship between development and safety,promote a rigorous work style,focus on work implementation,and provide a strong guarantee for the healthy and sustainable economic and social development with a safe and harmonious environment.
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