Nanshan Zhishang won two industry awards

On March 17-19,the most influential China International Fashion Fair(CHIC)2021(spring)returned strongly.The National Convention and Exhibition Center was crowded with tens of thousands of people attending the event.As the first domestic fashion event for all categories of clothing and apparel in the first year of the“14th Five-Year Plan”,CHIC 2021(spring)has a strong lineup which is the largest in history.

In this fair,Nanshan Zhishang mainly promoted advanced customization,and with the Modarte high-end brand to appear.Nanshan Zhishang’s brand innovation ability is outstanding.From the original design and development of Nanshan fabrics,the application of functional fabrics to the research and development of clothing styles,all are unique,forming Nanshan Zhishang’s unique fabric and clothing integration advantages.

On the morning of the 17th,Zhou Guoliang,the head of Nanshan Zhishang Advanced Customization,was invited to participate in the 2021 professional wear forum,and shared with the guests the intelligent manufacturing of Nanshan Zhishang Advanced Customization,which won unanimous praise and recognition from the audience.

On the afternoon of the same day,in the event of the 2020 China Textile and Apparel Elite List guided by the China National Textile and Apparel Industry Federation,and sponsored by the“Textile and Apparel Weekly”magazine,Nanshan Zhishang won Two Awards:the 2020 China Textile and Apparel Industry Science and Technology-Driven Model,and the Same-Industry Strong-Country Force.

In recent years,Nanshan Zhishang has used intelligence and big data to support the company’s technological innovation and customization model innovation,comprehensively improve the company’s production efficiency and management level,achieve product structure upgrades,further optimize production and management processes,alleviate labor demand,improve product quality,and promote the company’s continuous rapid development.In the future,Nanshan Zhishang will continue to adhere to the development concept of green and intelligent manufacturing as the foundation,technological innovation as the driving force,and brand management as the core,and continue to innovate to provide customers with better products and services.
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