Nanshan Zhishang won the third prize of Shandong Textile and Garment Industry Science and Technology Award
Recently,under the guidance of China Textile Industry Federation,Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as well as Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology,supported by Textile Light Science and Technology Education Foundation,and hosted by Shandong Textile and Apparel Industry Association,the 2020 China Shandong(Dezhou)Textile and Apparel Technology Innovation Conference and the Shandong Textile and Apparel Industry Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Launching Conference was held in Dezhou.

This science and technology innovation conference is the first time for the Shandong provincial textile and garment industry to host.The conference announced the selection results of the Shandong Textile and Apparel Industry Association Science and Technology Award.The scientific and technological innovation project jointly completed by Shandong Nanshan Zhishang Technology Co.,Ltd.and Xi’an Polytechnic University,namely“R&D and application of key technologies for natural anti-wrinkle of worsted wool fabrics”won the third prize of the achievements in the first conference.

It is reported that the project of“R&D and application of key technologies for natural anti-wrinkle of worsted pure wool fabrics”has developed the physical anti-wrinkle technology of worsted pure wool fabrics,optimized the product parameter design such as twisting degree of spinning,fabric count and organizational structure by innovatively adopting compact Siro spinning technology with single-row-hole rings,and solved the problem of the hard hand feeling of the fabric by adding dyeing vat cooking and air-washing processes,and hence the wrinkle resistance requirements of the fabric are met,with a good hand feel and wearability.The worsted pure wool anti-wrinkle fabric developed by the project has been industrialized and has been promoted and applied in related enterprises.The technology in this project has independent intellectual property rights,and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level.

The relevant person in charge of the unit said:Nanshan Zhishang Technology Co.,Ltd.has always adhered to originality and technology as its characteristics,high-level customization as its main business direction,and building national brands as its mission,is establishing a full-category private customization platform,leading the new concept of environmental protection,health and fashion and providing the best fashion life experience for global consumers.
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