Nanshan Group has been listed on multiple lists in the 2020 China Enterprise Credit List
On January 16,the“2021 China Enterprise Credit Development Forum and the Twelfth Integrity Charity Ceremony”co-sponsored by the China Enterprise Reform&Development Research Association and the China Cooperative Trade Enterprise Association was held in Beijing.The“China Enterprise Credit Development Report 2020”was solemnly released at the forum,and Nanshan Group was listed on many important credit lists.

With the theme of“Credit Creates Value and Compliance Leads the Future”,this forum focuses on the current economic situation to analyze and interpret,exchanges and discusses on deepening reform measures,and puts forward theoretical and practical guidance on how to build a credit system,how to grasp development opportunities,and how to lead high-quality development etc.for Chinese enterprises in the era of credit economy.

The forum solemnly released the“China Enterprise Credit Development Report 2020”,and announced a series of lists such as the 2020 China Top 500 Credit Enterprise,China’s Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in term of Credit,China’s Top 100 Service Industry Enterprises in term of Credit,China’s Top 100 Private Enterprises in term of Credit,and China’s Top 500 Listed Companies in term of Credit.Nanshan Group ranks 100th in the“2020 China Top 500 Credit Enterprises in 2020”,30th in the“Top 100 Chinese Private Enterprises in term of Credit”and 43rd in the“Top 100 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises in term of Credit”by virtue of its good credit system over the years.Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co.,Ltd.was ranked 172nd in the“2020 China’s Top 500 Listed Companies in term of Credit”.

It is understood that the evaluation and analysis of China’s top 500 credit enterprises focuses on the trend of enterprise development.It is a multi-dimensional evaluation method that focuses on quantitative evaluation and analysis,combining quantitative and qualitative analysis;and adopts dynamic weighting according to different characteristics of different industries,is a comprehensive reflection of a company’s operating conditions and capabilities,and also an objective manifestation of a company’s credit capability.

It is reported that in the analysis and research of this work,the expert committee refers to internationally accepted rules,simulates the corporate credit evaluation system,uses dynamic weighting according to the characteristics of different industries,combines the three primary evaluation elements of credit environment,credit capability and credit behavior,establishes corresponding evaluation mathematics models,comprehensively evaluates,examines and approves various types,and makes them more scientific,objective and fair.

For a long time,Nanshan Group has always followed the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee,the State Council and governments at all levels on strengthening the construction of the social credit system,gave full play to the positive role of corporate social organizations in the construction of credit system,continuously improved its own management system,and strictly complied with laws and regulations in its operation,focusing on daily capital management,paying the principal and interest of loans and bonds in full and on time,publicly disclosing operating data on time,accepting the supervision of financial institutions and market investors,and successfully maintaining Lianhe Credit Information Service Company’s AAA rating for group entities and debts for many years.

In the next step,Nanshan Group will continue to strengthen the construction of corporate integrity system,actively stimulate corporate vitality,continuously strengthen corporate modern management,further improve corporate credit management and credit risk control capabilities,and strive to enhance market competitiveness and social brand influence so as to make due contributions to the construction of the country’s social credit system.
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