Nanshan Aluminum is Selected as Top 100 Enterprises in Patent Innovation in Shandong

Recently, the list of 2019 Top 100 Enterprises in Patent Innovation in Shandong was jointly published by Shandong Institute of Scientific and Technical Information and Qingdao Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, and Nanshan Aluminum was on the list.

Nanshan Aluminum is one of the first batch of intellectual property standard implementing enterprises in Longkou City, and was recognized as a National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise in 2019. In recent years, Nanshan Aluminum has undertaken 19 projects of key scientific and technological programs above provincial level; acquired 10 scientific and technologies achievements of different kinds and obtained 103 authorized patents, including 45 patents for invention.

It is learned that in 2019, the evaluation index system consists of 8 indexes in three dimensions including patent quantity, patent quality and patent influence, compared with that in last year, patent pledge and licensing index reflecting the patent transformation value is added, which can better embody the value and influence of the enterprise’s patents.

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