December 26, 2019 News: Products of Nanshan Aluminum won the high-end certification of 2019

On December 25, "Taishan Quality" Certification Alliance released the 2019 Taishan Quality Certification List. "Aluminum alloy strip for ironing tank body" of Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. was among the list.

It's reported that the certification of "Taishan Quality" is approved by the former Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China. It's the certification for high quality products, and is also an important measure for our province to implement "vigorously promoting high-end quality certification" in the Opinions of the State Council on Strengthening the Quality Certification System Construction and Promoting Total Quality Management. In accordance with the principle of "One Label for One Product", it ensures that product certification standards are leading in China and advanced in the world.

This year, "Taishan Quality" is centered on high-end brands. According to the principle of "led by alliance, promoted by government, led by standards and operated by market", "Taishan Quality" has gone through the following procedures, such as organizing declaration, preliminary qualification check, expert evaluation of product briefing, expert review of group standards, preparation of implementation rules, on-site review by the audit team, opinion soliciting, etc. In the end, 20 products including "Aluminum alloy strip for ironing tank body" of Nanshan Aluminum passed the 2019 certification of "Taishan Quality".

Products of Nanshan Aluminum obtaining the certification of "Taishan Quality" means that the company, driven by innovation, has deepened reform and vigorously improved quality and increased efficiency. Nanshan Aluminum will be firmer in the confidence of accelerating transformation and upgrading and achieving high-quality development. In recent years, relying on the first-class technology innovation platform in China, Nanshan Aluminum has strengthened industry-university-research cooperation and made new breakthroughs in frontier, key and generic technologies, which has become the leading enterprise in China's high-end aluminum processing industry. 

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