2017 China Top 500 Companies Published and Nanshan Group Ranking 165th

On September 10, China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association published the ranking lists of “China Top 500 Companies” and “China Top 500 Manufacturing Companies”. Nanshan Group ranked 165th among China Top 500 Companies with an operating income of 93.615 Billion Yuan and 68th in China Top 500 Manufacturing Companies, both of which rose by 2 places compared with last year.

Data shows that the threshold finalist of this ranking list of China Top 500 Companies was 28.311 Billion Yuan (it is also the income of the 500th), which increased by 3.965 Billion Yuan, with a growth of 14%, compared with that in last year; there were 157 enterprises with an income of exceeding 100 Billion Yuan, which increased by 5 compared with that in last year.

The State Grid ranked 1st with an income of 2.09 Trillion Yuan, the income of Sinopec, CNPC and ICBC also exceeded 1 Trillion Yuan, and top 10 also included China State Construction, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Ping An Insurance, SAIC Motor and Bank of China, all of which were in the fields such as energy, bank, construction and insurance.

The ranking list showed that the threshold finalist of 2017 China Top 500 Companies was the operating income of 28.311 Billion Yuan to hit a new high, which largely increased by 3.965 Billion Yuan compared with that in last year, the increase was the largest since China Top 500 Companies were published in 2002. The total operating income of 2017 China Top 500 Companies broke through 60Trillion Yuan for the first time to reach 64.00TrillionYuan, which equaled to 86% of total GDP of last year.

As for the enterprises, opportunity and challenge coexist under the new normal, how China Top 500 Companies enhance self revolution, grasp the new round of internal and external opportunities and face the subversive challenges under new normal is an important top to be faced and solved.

The deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council expressed that most of 2017 China Top 500 Companies existed on the top of the industrial chain, were the leaders in the industry, possessed obvious fund advantage, technical advantage and scale advantage as well as strong resource integration and integrated innovation ability and are important pillar for development of national economy. They played an important role in promoting adjustment of industrial structure, promoting economic transformation and upgrading, improving quality and benefit of economic development, etc.

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