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Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Being Rated as “Excellent Enterprise in Textile Industry” for Five Consecutive Years

Recently, “2017 National Textile Industry Mass Quality Management Innovation Work Summary and Commendation Conference” hosted by China National Textile And Apparel Council was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi. The Spinning Company of Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd. won 2017 National Textile Industry Quality Management Group Excellent Enterprise Award, the results of QC group of the company won 2017 National Textile Industry Quality Management Results Excellence Award, and Zhao Liang, the leader of Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd., was rated as Outstanding Leader of National Textile Industry Quality Management Group. It has won “National Textile Industry Quality Management Group Excellent Enterprise Award” for five consecutive years.

The holding of this conference fully embodies the emphasis degree of each enterprise participating in the appraisal for implementation of “three quality” strategy, each enterprise takes the work of QC group as the grasp and foothold and realizes the improvement of self product quality and production management process through grass-roots quality management with innovation benefit mode, quality benefit mode and brand benefit mode.

At present, Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd. takes the workshop as the main unit, decomposes the target of QC group into the workshop, and specifically carries out the implementation requirements of the quality improvement project of the company and the branch. The group frequently holds on-site quality analysis meeting to exchange on the conditions of process improvement and QC activities of the product design, immediately holds analysis meeting when the quality is discovered to be unqualified to eliminate the quality “hidden danger” in the bud, and actively carries out reasonable suggestion and technical tackling activity. It has published many articles in the journals and magazines at national, provincial and municipal textile industry level.

Zhao Liang, the president of Shandong Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd., (second from left), accepting the award as the representative of the enterprise and the industry

In recent years, the gloomy global economic situation brought about huge pressure and difficulty for enterprise development, however, through 20-year development and sedimentation, Nanshan Fabrics & Garments becomes increasingly mature and stably advances and, specially with its self strong full industry chain advantage, goes against the current and has become a full industry chain leading enterprise with absolute advantage in Chinese and even the world’s fine spinning field. To seek for excellent quality, Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd. constantly makes efforts in enterprise management innovation, insists on 20-year full industry chain development mode, which covers the spinning system from supply of high-quality Australian wool, processing of combed top to spinning, knitting, dyeing and sorting; and covers the service system of complete product R&D, production, marketing and service from materials to advanced ready-to-wear; and provides the customers with one-stop efficient service with perfect yarn and product preparation system and order receiving and delivery rapid reaction system.

Nanshan Fabrics & Garments witnesses the honor with strength. It takes product quality and product safety as the core to constantly perfect and strengthen quality and safety management; takes technical innovation as the drive; and takes creating century-old brand as the target to constantly promote the enterprise to improve the quality and enhance the efficiency and be committed to provided more high-quality products and services to global consumers. This is the “magic key” to the success of Nanshan Fabrics & Garments Co., Ltd. as well as the core of promoting industrial innovation.

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