Nanshan Aluminum Present at “2016 China International Fenestration Exhibition” with New Products

The “14th China International Fenestration Exhibition” sponsored by China Construction Metal Structure Association and European Fenestration Association was solemnly opened in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing from November 9 to 12, 2016. Thousands of famous building door, window and curtain wall enterprises at home and abroad took part in the exhibition. Among the exhibitors, Nanshan Aluminum launched a great number of new products with high technical content and high added value by virtue of strong research and development ability and exquisite manufacturing process, which was a highlight of this exhibition, attracting the attention of many guests and merchants.

The exhibition area of Nanshan Aluminum is located in the middle of W2 exhibition area of the International Exhibition Area, covering an area of 240㎡. The well-designed booth not only showed the good enterprise image of the company but also manifested the exquisite appearance, superior quality and humanized functions of all kinds of new products of the company in an all-around way, providing wonderful experience for the guests and merchants.

Nanshan NS65HI, NS75HI and NS80HI serial high-performance system doors and windows appeared in this exhibition. The research and development of new products fully embodies the current development trend of the thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows and makes a lot of tries on the improvement of the heat-shielding performance and sound insulation performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows as well as the exquisite design of products, with distinct characteristics of open interchangeable parts and European standard notches that other systematic doors and windows don’t have. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but also energy-saving and eco-friendly, leading the development direction of the new generations of doors, windows and curtains and getting vigorous recommendation of this International Fenestration Exhibition.

On the morning of November 10, the leaders of the company and the customer agents spoke out freely in 2016 Communication Conference of Nanshan Aluminum held in Beijing Heyuan Royal Garden Hotel and showed their efforts on such aspects as continuously optimized production, quality improvement, delivery time shortening and optimized service. Furthermore, they also deepened understanding and exchanged emotion with the clients to promote cooperation and win-win benefit.

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