Nanshan Aluminum to Provide Aviation Aluminum Plates for Boeing Aircrafts

In October, a golden autumn, American Boeing Company, the largest civil aircraft manufacturer in the world, solemnly held 2016 China—Boeing Aviation Industry Cooperation Forum Summit in Boeing Tianjin Composites Plant on October 27. Governmental agencies such as the National Development and Reform Commission and Tianjin Municipal Government and numerous relevant units in the aviation industry such as Boeing Company, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Nanshan Aluminum and Xizi Group attended the summit. This summit made innumerable great achievements. Nanshan Aluminum and Boeing Company formally signed the purchase and supply contract of aviation plate materials.

In the forum, Ren Zhiwu, the director of Hi-tech Industry Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, summed up the recent 30 years of development process of the Chinese civil aviation and the obtained achievements, and prospected the national development target and strategic planning of the civil aviation industry in the future; Kent Fisher, the senior vice president of civil aviation of Boeing Company, looked back to the 40 years of process of Boeing Company in China and looked forward to the great potential of the Chinese market in the future. Boeing will devote to developing local suppliers. No matter from raw materials to structure and production, or from aviation service to system, Boeing Company will strongly support a series of local Chinese enterprises such as Nanshan Aluminum, an aviation materials supplier, and Xizi Group, an aviation parts supplier, to become an important link in Boeing’s supply chain.

Later, at the formal signing ceremony of the summit, Mr. Lyu Zhengfeng, the vice managing director of Nanshan Aluminum, and Mr. Justin Franke, the supplier management representative of Boeing Company signed the “Boeing-Nanshan Aluminum Flat Rolled Products and Forgings Purchase and Supply Contract”. Mr. Cheng Rence, the president of Nanshan Aluminum, and Mr. Ian Chang from Boeing Company jointly witnessed this milestone moment. Ian Chang, the vice president, indicated that this new cooperation would take advantage of Nanshan Aluminum such as vertical integrated management, new equipment and production capacity to build an aviation aluminum supply base with global competitiveness in China. In the following speech, Mr. Cheng Rence mentioned that in order to actively respond to the advocacy of the state of promoting the supply-side reform and realizing the medium and high-end development, Nanshan Aluminum always adhered to the sustainable development concept of “based on high staring point, making use of high technology and creating high quality”, took the advantage of its complete aluminum industrial chain and built aviation industrial bases to research, develop and produce the aeronautical materials and products with high technical content and high added value. The signing of the aviation plate product supply contract with Boeing Company marked that Nanshan Aluminum began to have a place in the aviation products all over the world and even indicated that the development of the Chinese aluminum processing industry was recognized in the world.

Keeping open, innovative and improving; tenacity and precision fulfill the dream of aviation materials. Good faith, endeavor and serving the country through aviation materials are the faith and idea that Nanshan People always stick to. Nanshan Aluminum will continuously deepen the cooperation with Boeing Company, focus on the research, development and mass production of aviation products including aluminum alloy extrusions, aluminum alloy plates and strips, aluminum alloy forgings, titanium alloy and high-temperature alloy forgings. We will surely become an advanced aviation materials supplier in the word and forge the brilliance and dream of the national aluminum industry.

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